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  1. Hello Lisa,
    my name is Peter. I’m Swiss and we are going to buy a property near Monchique. I will – hopefully – move to live there next year. 🙂

    I read your post about the REFERENDUM. I could not beliefe that this happened really. On one side I totally agree, that UK people were not ready to vote upon such an important issue! On the other side I for me the biggest problem in democratic votes are the demographical changes in the society. As the older population grows, older people get to much weight compared to the middle age and the younger. Older people tend to keep everything as it is. They fear foreigners more than younger people. I would appreciate if we had an age limit for older voters as it exists for younger (e.g. from 17 – 70). That would have changed many results in Switzerland and I think also the EU referendum in UK.

    I really do hope for the UK, that they can turn the wheel back … otherwise they will face a very rough time and pay a high price to learn what it means to vote.

    Best regards from Switzerland, Peter

    • I rather think that might be considered anti-democratic, Peter! I think older people have as much right to vote as younger people although I must say when I went to university only 15 percent of the population did. Before that, even less. Now, of course, it’s nearer fifty percent. (Not that I think you need a degree to vote – although in the last referendum I think maybe two degrees in law were needed just to separate the degrees of bullshit!).

      Hope you enjoy Monchique. I’m sure you will.

      Warm wishes,


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